Aller Retour is a French term for “Round Trip” and we want to share this journey with you. We are a proudly owned Canadian clothing company with the vision to redefine leisure wear one piece at a time.

At Aller Retour we thrive on creativity, passion and the belief of being part of something greater. Each piece is designed with a powerful message that aligns with our values and empowers the person who wears it.

Delivering innovative, authentic high-end leisure wear garments that have something to say is what makes us unique. Outstanding quality and attention to detail is at the core of our brand.

Aller Retour is for the rebel, the nonconformist and those who simply dare to let creativity take the reins. We strongly believe in forming a community through clothing where like-minded individuals let their clothes express what is laying within.

At Aller Retour, we see a future where clothing transcends the basic silhouettes, brings people together and where creativity flows freely as creating is in our DNA.


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